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Essay structure, writing style.
Despite the fact that it is a free genre, it has several requirements and a certain structure. Writers who know everything about how to write short homework market reviews advise to listen to the following theses regardless of the chosen topic.

* The form of presentation is a concise thesis statement, followed by arguments.
* The word "arguments" sounds serious, but by it we mean the usual elements for the story - examples from life, personal experience, opinions of scientists, historical or scientific facts. The optimal number of such proofs is two. One is not enough to convince, and three can be "overpowering."

The outline of the essay looks like this:

Introductory part

The task of the introduction is to give an emotional mood, to involve in the reading, to interest. For this purpose, rhetorical questions, quotations, a clear formulation of the topic are used.

The main part

Thesis+arguments, etc.
It is welcomed, if the author touches upon the history of the question, giving different (sometimes opposite) points of view on the problem.


This is, in fact, the conclusion of all of the above. Final sentences are valuable because they add integrity to the work. Their function is to prompt the reader to think, to make the work memorable. Sometimes it seems that the closing lines are what made the story worth writing.
The style of the text can be emotional, contrasting, artistic-the author chooses the tone.

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