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These days the number of security complaints on the Internet increases enormously. More companies and people share sensitive information over the Internet. All users want their personal information to be safe and secured. The Nebula-FIA project aims to make the Internet safe by creating a secure connection between data-centers and users. It will help eliminate data leaks, personal information thefts, and cyber attacks. The team of two dozen collaborators contributes their efforts and knowledge in developing the Future Internet Architecture. Our team members have hands-on working experience at Cisco Systems, MIT, Princeton University, the University of California at Berkeley, etc. Cisco Systems funds the NEBULA Future Internet Architecture.

The project implies many different stages that are very important for creating a 100% secure network for all users. It implies a lot of different technologies like encryption, multipath routing, and flexible access control. They can help develop a scalable network with a high trust rate. Users will be able to utilize the technology for increasing computing power by using cloud data centers. However, they won't have any complaints about the security of data transferred. Also, it can keep users safe from any possible availability attacks.

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