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New Patch Notes and Preview Branch Updates 29th of March
Hey Community,

Easter is around the corner and new updates are available:

Patch 1.0.6657.21509 - Patch Notes 29th of March

- Overwritten savegames can now be deleted and no longer lead to a stoppage in the loading screen when attempting to load them.
- Burnt pizzas, due to bad cooks, are now visually more recognizable.
- Employees should be able to be fired reliably in the manager.
- Delivery boys should not run on the spot when they are released
- Limiting the salary of the hired employee in Chapter 2 of the campaign now makes more sense
- Pizzas no longer float above the sink of the ovens
- Researches that have been unlocked are now reliably colored.
- Players can no longer start a $ 0 marketing campaign.
- The minimum number of citizens for "free play" has been increased to 500.
- The interior designer should no longer prevent the placement of stoves
- Beta players should now be able to play beyond Chapter 5 in the campaign.
- In Chapter 8 of the campaign, the player is now properly informed how much money is deducted to help his aunt.
- Chapter 3 should explain the profit margin more understandably and interrogate
- Opponents in "free play" now start with the same entry fee as the player.

And also a new Preview Branch update:

Preview Version 1.0.6662.30617 29th of March

- Pizzas, which are saved in the recipe book, are now additionally stored in the game round in order to be able to be used immediately on the menu card.
- London: A building that has blocked a department store has been moved.
- OpenGL has been added as an alternative graphics interface for Windows. This solves problems for users where DirectX is not installed properly.
- In Chapter 8 of the Campaign, the enemy no longer repairs their restaurants so the sabotage mission can be created for players.
- In Chapter 6, London: The player must now specify the English name of the pizzas, instead of the translated version. In Chinese or Russian, the name is still translated.
- Ovens should be rotatable in Architect mode again.
- Opponents can now repair furniture
- The position of furniture is now correct in the future when loading an old game, even if the scene was subsequently changed.
- Some players had a black screen when trying to open the bakery. This has now been fixed.
- Furnishings no longer need to be explored.
- Screens with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 and 5: 4 are now supported
- Moving units can no longer walk through fences in Sydney.
- Collisions at entrances to restaurants have been improved to keep guests from walking through walls.
- Internal status messages for employees of the pizza delivery service (scooter driver) have been corrected
- Internal status messages for suppliers have been corrected
- Pizza suppliers (scooter riders) now distribute the correct number of pizzas in the city
- The speed and delivery volume of pizza suppliers has been increased
- A pizza supplier now distributes all the pizzas he carries, even if his shift ends during delivery.
- Ingredients suppliers should no longer get stuck on buildings.
- Ingredient suppliers now also get ingredients when their shift ends on the way to the warehouse / warehouse or on the way back to the restaurant.
- Ingredients suppliers take no more ingredients home, but deliver them in advance in the restaurant
- Improper coloring of furnishings on the Mac has been fixed.
- The glass material in the main menu now works on Mac and Linux. Before, it was just black.
- The maximum game speed has been reduced to 16 times (previously 32) to improve the game performance.
- The traffic system has been adjusted to improve the game performance
- Fixed a possible cause for a crash related to the wayfinding update.
- The creation of pathfinding has been accelerated.
- Successful research units should now be displayed correctly as researched, even if the menu is changed.
- Cooks do not teleport out of a restaurant if they are too close to a wall.
- The game no longer crashes when a memory is loaded directly after the conversion of a restaurant.
- After loading a score, customers stay in the restaurant instead of floating out.
- User data, such as savegames or campaign progress could be damaged. Corrupted files caused players to get stuck in a black screen when loading the next time, they load the program. User data is now backed up with a backup system. If damaged files still exist, an attempt is made to return the data to an original state or to reconstruct the state from other data.
- In free game, the first research level is automatically unlocked. This allows players immediate basic functions such as the rental of department stores. However, the player can still set the research level to 0 in the free game setting to play the game as in the tutorial.
- Problems with higher game speed have been resolved. The speed of play should have no effect on the efficiency of the employees or the "check-in rate" of the residents.
- Suppliers and delivery service should no longer get stuck near buildings.
- Several locations of restaurants in Rome have been adjusted so that guests can find a way to the restaurant.
- The warehouse of a restaurant now has an interface overlay in the game world, which indicates the warehouse utilization and opens the warehouse manager by clicking
- The question of whether a person wants to cross a street has been improved to prevent people who do not want to cross the street being detained.
- Customers now have a visual wait display
- Fired cooks and waiters are no longer teleported out of the restaurant but leave the restaurant through the door


Black screen

- Some users could not start the game after some time or just saw a black screen. The Problem was faulty user data. In some threads we recommended deleting user data manually. That should not be necessary anymore.

- For users where the game has never worked and who always had a black screen when loading, there is now a possible workaround by changing the graphics interface.

1. Go to your Steam library
2. Right click on Pizza Connection 3, select "Properties"
3. Change to the "General" tab
4. Click on "set launch options…"
5. Enter -force-glcore in the input field and click on OK
6. Start the game

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