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Patch 1.0.6655.39931 is online - Patch Notes
Hello Community,

we are listening to you and already provide a new Patch.
Please be aware that savegames might not be compatible anymore.
Please look on the following Patch Notes:

- Citizens give feedback over their heads when they don’t enter a restaurant so that the player receives information what they specifically didn’t like. This also gives relevant feedback to advance through the campaign.
- The overall difficulty of chapter 3 has been eased. The mission design has been changed to better fit the mission texts.
- The architect view has been improved to provide easier placing of furniture to the player. All furniture displays an interface that shows the actual needed space.
- The decision-making algorithm for citizen for whether they enter a restaurant has been improved
- The AI is now less aggressive in free mode
- Polished the User Interface at several locations to provide better support for 
other languages
- All restaurants have been iterated to fit into the scenery
- Fixed a bug where the camera was stuck at a restaurant after leaving the architect
- Added costs for ingredients to the restaurant balance
- Fixed a bug where the game remained stuck after fading screen to black when a pizza cart was involved in the game session.
- Fixed a bug on Linux where all input fields double printed characters entered by the player
- Employees no longer walk through storage shelves
- Fixed blocker: infinite loading screen when changing from chapter 03 to chapter 04 (SteamOS)
- Fixed blocker: infinite loading screen when changing from chapter 06 to chapter 07 after bombing pizza cart
- Fixed an issue in the rating algorithm where citizens made a wrong rating for furniture
- Removed an empty letter in chapter 04
- Added missing localizations to the game
- Removed intro videos in hope of fixing the problem for some players that couldn’t proceed to the main menu of the game.

Balancing changes: 
- Ingredient prices and weights have received another balance iteration 
- Reduced amount of sold pizzas per citizen to 20 
- Adjusted marketing spot effects to 80 (small), 90 (medium), 100 (large)
- Added correct style to decoration furniture

The patch will be downloaded automatically via Steam. Please be aware that old savegames might not be compatible.

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