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So I suggest you always practice with slayer
<p><br><br>So I suggest you always practice with slayer It shouldn't be too time to achieve 70 in all; maybe just a couple of days, depending on the amount of time you spend playing every day.<br><br>An excellent set-up for Slayer that is relatively inexpensive is to use - Slayer Helm, or Neitznot (sp?) Helm until you can get the slayer helm, Amulet of Glory, Fighter Torso (can be easily obtained within a couple of hours), Torag's platelegs or Verac's plateskirt if use prayer in your assignments as it grants prayers, Whip or Dragon Scimitar Dragon Defender, and Dragon Boots, and Obsidian Cape (unless you already have an afghan cape or a skillcape).<br>IF you want to buy it ,we have many products like this ,you can access<br></p>

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