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Calzone Update - Patch Notes_EN - Assemble-MrT - 20-04-2018

Dear Players,

after several beta (“Preview”) updates, we now update the main, default version of the game. The Calzone update includes all fixes and feature updates from our “Preview” - Beta releases from 29th of March - 16th of April. It includes lots of bug fixes, changes to supply management as well as usability enhancements.


  • The symbols above the heads of citizens now also display the duration of specific thoughts.

  • The player can now turn on and off the lines between warehouses and marketing spots to the restaurant via a button on the minimap.
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    New citizen thoughts 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

Feature: Supply
  • The interface for the menu card has been redesigned and includes new valuable information to use the storage more efficiently.
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    Reworked menu card UI 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • A pizza on the menu card now shows how many pizzas can be baked with the current stock.

  • A pizza on the menu card now shows how many pizzas can be baked with a full stock, according to the current delivery preference. This makes the effect of the delivery prioritization directly visible.

  • The user interface for the storage manager has been improved.
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    New UI in supply manager 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The menu card manager interface now contains information about the total number of pizzas that can be baked based on current inventory.

  • The menu card manager interface now contains information about the total number of pizzas that can be baked with a full inventory.

  • The storage manager now includes the ability to empty a certain percentage of the storage, for example, to make room for the ingredients of pizzas that have recently been added to the menu.

  • The graphical representation of the inventory in the game world has been revised and now indicates the utilization of the storage in percent. This allows visually appealing objects to be used instead of the previous colorful "pillow boxes".

  • The UI above the restaurant storage now has a checklist that identifies the three biggest issues: you can only bake a few pizzas when the storage is full, the average quality of the ingredients is poor, and the storage contains ingredients that are no longer needed and thereby block storage space.
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    New supply checklist & world UI 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The user interface above the restaurant storage can now be switched on and off.
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    Pizza cart restocking 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • Balancing: The price preferences of each target group have been adjusted to achieve a more realistic result. This also slightly increased the difficulty of the game as a whole.

  • Balancing: The capacity of a storage rack has been increased from 100kg to 150kg to allow for more different ingredients on a pizza.

  • Balancing: The speed and delivery quantity has been adjusted by the warehouse staff

  • Guests who would like to order a pizza that cannot be baked at the moment, because ingredients are missing, choose the next best pizza from the menu as long as it meets a minimum rating.

  • The warning triangle for too many different ingredients on the menu card is now disabled as it was misleading.

  • The output for the available stock on the menu card is now marked red and shows a tooltip if the ingredients for a pizza cannot be delivered because the stock is already full. This is particularly important when a new pizza is placed on the menu while the restaurant is running. 
    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    red indicator for menu card 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

    [Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    tooltip for insufficient storage 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The capacity of warehouses has been increased.
Steam Cloud
  • Saved games are now stored cross-platform in the cloud. This means that game progress is transferred to the cloud no matter which platform you are on. Prior to this change, savegames were only stored per operating system in the cloud.

  • Saves are now also stored in SteamOS / Linux in the cloud
Corrupt game data
  • The game informs the player about corrupt game data and returns it to the main menu when trying to load it instead of getting stuck in the loading screen.
File system
  • When saving various game data, the previous versions are backed up.

  • If game data should not be readable by the file system, either the backup files are accessed or the data is to be reconstructed
Pizza Cart
  • The pizza cart restocks its ingredients only shortly before opening automatically.

  • The player can restock the pizza cart actively by paying a small fee.

  • The supply tab in the pizza cart user interface now contains a note on how restocking works.

  • Balancing: The capacity of the pizza cart has been increased from 100kg to 200kg

  • The pizza cart will display when the storage is refilled.

  • The pizza cart now has an user interface in the world that should inform the player about mistakes or issues.[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    pizza cart world ui 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The price preference in the glossary now contains visual markers to indicate from which values prices are rated worse.[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    price preference indicators 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The free game menu now has a slider to control the amount of pizzas sold per guest. This slider can be used to change the difficulty of a game.[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
    pizzas per guest 
    A Screenshot of Pizza Connection 3
    By: Doppelkeks

  • The AI behaviour has been improved.

  • AI: Opponents explore advertising measures earlier now
Bug fixes

  • Cooks should work reliably again now.

  • The “Ich bin ein Berliner!” achievement was changed. Since there are no missions in the campaign with Berlin, the achievement could never be unlocked. This was fixed. The achievement is now tied to winning a free game in Berlin.

  • Warehouses are no longer restocked when the vendor is changed. 

  • Warehouses only restock on start of each day or when they are rented.

  • Fixed a NavMesh issue in Sydney that caused everyone in Chapter 6 of the campaign to be stuck in a building.

  • The Washington Opera now has correctly placed entrances.

  • The target groups comments in the bakery now also react when the profit margin is changed.

  • Camera shakers have been fixed. In particular, turning off the option 'invert camera rotation' should not cause any problems.

  • The camera rotation speed, set in the options menu, will no longer be reset at game start

  • Problems with the placement preview in the architect have been fixed.

  • Other issues that cause guests not to be served correctly at high speed have been resolved.

  • The "thumbs up" icon is now correctly colored in the player color when guests go to a restaurant

  • Problems with placing chairs in some restaurant layouts have been resolved.

  • Warehouse staff now provide the correct number of ingredients.

  • Ingredients now spoil at the correct speed.
  • Guests no longer walk between chairs and tables when they are directly next to each other.

  • The interior designer now uses the specified style factor.
MacOs specific
Known issues
  • Carpets can currently be placed through walls.