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New Preview Branch Patch 24th of March - Assemble-MrT - 24-03-2018

Previous savegames in this branch might not be working anymore.
- Overwritten savegames can now be deleted and no longer lead to a stoppage in the loading screen when attempting to load them.
- Burnt pizzas, due to bad cooks, are now visually more recognizable.
- Employees should be able to be fired reliably in the manager.
- Delivery boys should not run on the spot when they are released
- Limiting the salary of the hired employee in Chapter 2 of the campaign now makes more sense
- Pizzas no longer float above the sink of the ovens
- Researches that have been unlocked are now reliably colored.
- Players can no longer start a $ 0 marketing campaign.
- The minimum number of citizens for "free play" has been increased to 500.
- The interior designer should no longer prevent the placement of stoves
- Beta players should now be able to play beyond Chapter 5 in the campaign.
- In Chapter 8 of the campaign, the player is now properly informed how much money is deducted to help his aunt.
- Chapter 3 should explain the profit margin more understandably and interrogate
- Opponents in "free play" now start with the same entry fee as the player.