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Full Version: the Squares and Circles by a camera.
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we become what we behold is an exciting game created by Nicky Case. Choosing what to include in and captures the story of the Squares and Circles by a camera. Have you ever wanted to become a cameraman or producer? Maybe, you don't have enough conditions to follow these job dreams in reality.
However, by participating in this game, you can practice as a cameraman to record all events of the Squares and Circles. Are you ready? Start with observing and catching simple misunderstandings between a circle and a square, and then make your choices generate tension between the masses of Circles and Squares.
You can amplify it in the media to reach a larger audience. As a result, a little disagreement between a circle and a square can become more tricky. Note that you can choose what to include in exclude out of the frame. That shapes the rest of the story of the Squares and Circles.
This heightens the circles and squares tension, resulting in a vicious cycle of rage and hatred that quickly escalates to a violent conclusion. What is the difference between disagreement, rage, and hatred? See reactions of the squares and circles to know.